Dr. Prachee Shah

Dr. Prachee Shah

M.D (Pediatrics), CLEC (California), IBCLC


  • Breastfeeding Consultant

Special Skills

  • In her clinical practice of 10 years, her main area of interest is promoting and supporting exclusive breastfeeding, offering management of breastfeeding related problems , optimum child nutrition and Early childhood development.

Experience Summary

    • She has helped 1500+ mothers to achieve their Breastfeeding goals.
    • She has helped to induce lactation in mothers of adopted babies.
    • She has helped mothers to relactate after interruption of breastfeeding.
    • She has been faculty at Breastfeeding workshops in state level conference of Pediatrics.
    • She authored 2 chapters ”Relactation” and “Induced Lactation” in Textbook of Maternal and Child Nutrition
    • She authored a chapter “Importance of Breastfeeding and Breastmilk in Training module of Infant and Young Child feeding.